Welcome to ID This, the blog of our parent company under the same name.  ID This has been responsible for much in the identification sector, including hand scanners, badge scanners and badge reels, identfication badges, medical bracelets, RFID chips, and more.  Although, naturally, this blog may have a bit of a bias and weight in the direction of identification technology, we plan on discussing all types of technology, from mobile and tablets, to digital and software.  We are also interested in microelectronics and hardware.

id thisOne of our members, in his free time, has been developing a product called a cooling blanket, which essentially is a thin blanket that goes between your sheets and comforter and lightly inflates with air which escapes from small perforations throughout the blanket.  This helps push and help air escape from under your covers in the summer, keeping you and your bed much cooler while sleeping.  We are proud of our friend for working on this project so diligently.  We believe it will be a large success.

Another one of our members is developing a piece of software he intends to host on his own servers online and allow people to access it from their web browsers.  It is an internet based financial planner that syncs to any cloud based service, allowing it to be used on phones, tablets, desktops, and laptops alike.  We have some very intelligent employees working with us here that we are so proud of.

The final brag on our friends is the project being developed in the chemistry lab.  A couple guys down there are attempting to find the perfect chemical solution for making a quick drying adhesive that can hold an incredible amount of weight in its bonds, but is not destructive to the surfaces it binds to.  This glue could be used on metals, paper, drywall, and more.  They will consider it a success when it can hold more weight than the surface it’s bound to can stand to hold up itself.

So keep checking back for more information and discussions, because we will constantly be posting more and more technology topics as time continues.  Feel free to email us with any suggestions or to ask more about any of our ongoing projects.  Thanks, and enjoy.